Here are a few examples of the plants we grow and sell.

All are in a peat free growing medium and are fairly typical examples of the sort of quality and size you can expect in late May. The beer bottle give a good idea of the scale and just happens to be about the nicest beer you can get anywhere - Summer Lightning from the Hop Back Brewery, Downton Wilts.

Back row from left: Euphorbia schillingii 4.50, Canna Wyoming 5.00, Galtonia candicans 4.00, Carex testacea 3.00, Lotus hirsutum 4.00.

Front row from left: Lobelia tupa 3.00, Primula bulleyana 1.50, Veronica austriaca teucrium 3.00. All in composted green waste.

Back row from left: Kniphofia Shining Sceptre 4.00, Salvia officinalis Wurzburg 4.00, Pieris Forest Flame 7.00 , Euphorbia stygiana 5.00.

Front row from left: Scutellaria incana 2.50, Nepeta govaniana 2.50, Knautia Mars Midget 3.00. All in composted green waste except Pieris which is a coir/bark based compost.

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