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DO use well rotted humus and water thoroughly at planting. Do select correct growing conditions and plant with bone meal or blood fish and bone. Keep plants weed free and plant as soon as conditions allow.

DO NOT use rapidly soluble fertilizers (eg Growmore) or plant into grass without weed control. Do not plant slightly tender plants in autumn-winter. Do not forget to water spring planted shrubs but also don't drown nightly; better to soak once or twice a week as conditions allow, avoid watering if plant is happy. Avoid spreading the roots of pot grown plants and never do it to fleshy (and fragile) rooted plants such as Ceonothus, Eucryphia and Fremontodendron. Keep strimmers well away from all plants.

We reserve the right to alter prices and specifications without notice. We cannot be held liable for mistreatment or weather damage once a plant has left our care and we must be told of any problems within one month of purchase. Every effort is taken to ensure correct naming but no liability can be accepted for the occasional mistake. Any replacement is at our discretion and limited to the purchase value. Plants are only sold under these terms. Please note that not all plants are available throughout the year, so to avoid disappointment please check before making a visit.