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Primroses and their relatives are, for the most part, spring and early summer flowering, fairly compact herbaceous plants. We find these forms invaluable in the garden.
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Primula beesiana Primula beesiana £4.00 Buy Now
Primula florindae Primula florindae £4.00 Buy Now
Primula Guinevere Primula Guinevere £4.00 Buy Now
Primula Hall Barn Blue Primula Hall Barn Blue £3.00 Buy Now
Primula japonica Postford White Primula japonica Postford White £4.00 Buy Now
Primula Lady Greer Primula Lady Greer £3.00 Buy Now
Primula Old Port Primula Old Port £3.00 Buy Now
Primula prolifera Primula prolifera £4.00 Buy Now
Primula pulverulenta Primula pulverulenta £4.00 Buy Now
Primula Snow Cushion syn Schneekissen Primula Snow Cushion syn Schneekissen £3.00 Buy Now
Primula vulgaris sibthorpii Primula vulgaris sibthorpii £3.00 Buy Now

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