Pokers are surely too well known to need a detailed description. We've selected a few that are particularly good value. For sun and not too dry.
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Kniphofia Bees Lemon Kniphofia Bees Lemon £6.00 Buy Now
Kniphofia Bees Sunset Kniphofia Bees Sunset £6.00 Buy Now
Kniphofia caulescens Kniphofia caulescens £6.00 Buy Now
Kniphofia Goldfinch Kniphofia Goldfinch £4.00 Buy Now
Kniphofia Goldfinch Kniphofia Goldfinch £6.00 Buy Now
Kniphofia Painted Lady Kniphofia Painted Lady £6.00 Buy Now
Kniphofia rooperi Kniphofia rooperi £7.00 Buy Now
Kniphofia Shining Sceptre Kniphofia Shining Sceptre £6.00 Buy Now
Kniphofia Timothy Kniphofia Timothy £4.00 Buy Now
Kniphofia Wohl's Red Kniphofia Wohl's Red £6.00 Buy Now
Kniphofia Wrexham Buttercup Kniphofia Wrexham Buttercup £6.00 Buy Now

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