There are many hundreds of daylilies. Here are a few which we like. Their merit is that they are completely indestructable and as hardy as a lump of concrete and will tolerate quite difficult growing conditions. The species tend to have smaller, often fragrant, flowers for a brief period in early summer while the hybrids will bloom over very many weeks from early summer onwards.
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Hemerocallis - 4 daylilies Hemerocallis - 4 daylilies £18.00 Buy Now
Hemerocallis Cathy's Sunset Hemerocallis Cathy's Sunset £5.00 Buy Now
Hemerocallis Chicago Sunrise Hemerocallis Chicago Sunrise £6.00 Buy Now
Hemerocallis lilioasphodelius Hemerocallis lilioasphodelius £5.00 Buy Now
Hemerocallis Little Red Hen Hemerocallis Little Red Hen £6.00 Buy Now
Hemerocallis Little Wine Cup Hemerocallis Little Wine Cup £6.00 Buy Now
Hemerocallis Lochinvar Hemerocallis Lochinvar £6.00 Buy Now
Hemerocallis Stafford Hemerocallis Stafford £6.00 Buy Now
Hemerocallis Whichford Hemerocallis Whichford £6.00 Buy Now

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