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Our plant observations are based on decades of experience in the nursery and our Holbrook Garden. We only sell plants in which we have complete confidence about their abilities to perform in western UK. Characteristics may be a little different for you but we have to assume you are able to give some basic plant care especially when they are young and establishing. We will send some guidance with the plants about care and management but there is no substitute for a practical plant growing knowledge. If you do not have this then it may be better not to order plants in this way or at the very least seek out someone who can help you. David Cameron is wrong if he implies that gardening is an unskilled occupation.

For autumn despatched plants some will be best overwintered in their pots and some planted out - cultural conditions will be included with the plants. For early spring despatched plants, we recommend potting the plants into 1 or 2 litre pots to grow on in a cold greenhouse or cold frame for a month or so before establishing in the garden. If you do not have such facilities please ask that we send the plants towards the end of the mail order period and you will be able to tell us if you do not have a greenhouse etc when you place your order. Once the plants have left the nursery we clearly have no control over pests, diseases, slugs, dogs, wildlife, builders, strimmers and weedkillers and their treatment so if you should have any problem with growing the plants then we have to have a cutoff date for refunds and replacements of 30 April after the close of the mail order season - giving plants plenty of time to get into growth and show and symptoms.

This webstore contains only a fraction of the plants we grow but these are the only ones we send by mail order.
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Asters (22)
C (20)
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Crocosmia (7)
D to E (26)
F to H (31)
Ferns (3)
Geranium (18)
I to M (23)
Kniphofia (11)
N to P (35)
Phlox (16)
Primula (11)
R to S (29)
Salvia (27)
T to Z (30)
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